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    This unique Blissology yoga practice combines the relaxation and fitness benefits of alignment-based vinyasa yoga with a powerful ritual that celebrates our interconnection with Nature.

    The underlying belief is that if we want to be happy, we should have an intimate relationship with Nature. Since we wanted to bring the beauty of Nature to your screen and your practice, we filmed Earth.Body.Yoga. in the forests, and on the beaches and mountains of Mexico, California, Hawaii and the Western Coast of Canada. The routines vary in length and challenge. Some offer deeper relaxation while others build heat and ignite your inner fire. All practices begin and end with a centering meditation to calm our nervous system so our bodies can receive the wisdom of the heart. More than a physical yoga routine, Earth.Body.Yoga. is a joyous celebration of life.

    This DVD includes 3 Full routines:

    1. Pipeline:
    Hold On for the Ride of Your Life
    Run Time: 1hr 15 min

    2. Pleasure Point:
    The Big Chill for Hip and Shoulder Bliss.
    Run Time: 43 min

    3. Swamis:
    A Steep Ride for Your Core, Hips and Soul.
    Run Time: 52 min

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    download a pdf of this rouitine here: http://www.blissology.com/pdfs/EBY_Seqeunce_Poster_Sm.pdf

    watch the first 14 minutes for free here: https://vimeo.com/77073328X

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