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BlissFit Quickie

Do you want to get stronger, more fit and flexible and make space for clarity, calm and focus? Are you pressed for time and can’t swing an hour and half yoga class?

If so, join yogi and Blissologist Eoin Finn for the 36 minute BlissFit Yoga Quickie. Soak up the Bali sunshine into your soul in this juicy, intermediate practice and step up your fitness. Expect a gentle warm up, a fluid standing pose sequence, some basic arm balances followed by a delicious wind down with deep stretches, relaxation and even a small mini-meditation to guide your day from the deepest message of your heart.   You’ll love the great music and a fun Blissology Yoga flow and will want to pull this one out time and time again. 

Because we at Blissology are committed to more sustainable oceans, until Dec 6, 2014, 10% of the profits will go towards our efforts to the Coral Reef Restoration Foundation.

"If we want to be happy, we should have an intimate relationship with Nature." Eoin Finn 

This unique Blissology yoga practice combines the relaxation and fitness benefits of alignment-based vinyasa yoga with a powerful ritual that celebrates our interconnection with Nature.   Since we wanted to bring the beauty of Nature to your screen and your practice, we filmed Earth.Body.Yoga. in the forests and on the beaches and mountains of Mexico, California, Hawaii and the West Coast of Canada. The yoga routines vary in length and challenge. Some offer deep relaxation while others build heat and ignite your inner fire. All practices begin and end with a centering meditation to calm our nervous system so our bodies can receive the wisdom of the heart. More than a physical yoga routine, Earth.Body.Yoga. is a joyous celebration of life.

Blissology Project
"Start creating an upward spiral today!" Eoin Finn.

The Blissology Project
 is a 6 DVD masterpiece featuring unique and inspirational Yoga Routines and Meditations for every day of the week.  Each day has a different theme so all aspects of your mind-body health can flourish. There are longer routines from 45 min to an hour and ‘quickie’ if you are looking to keep your practice time below 30 minutes.  Enjoy the individual programs on their own or use it as a part of a 4 week ‘Commit to Bliss’ Program as your daily Yoga and Meditation Practice.
Blissology is the art of living a full life by awakening a deep joy inside of us and using it to build harmonious relationships with our body-mind, in our personal relationships, our communities, and with Nature. 
Blissology Project’s "Commit to Bliss"  Program is a 4 week commitment to Yoga, Meditation, Nature Appreciation, Food Awareness, Gratitude and a Wild Card which changes every week.  This inspiring DVD series or video downloads will help further your mission to live the most full life you possibly can.  

Power Yoga for Happiness 2 - Surf Edition
Get fit, strong and happy with Power Yoga for Happiness 2, the Surf Edition.  

The sequel to his platinum-selling line of yoga DVDs,  Power Yoga for Happiness 2 - the Surf Edition focuses on core strengthening, forward bending, shoulder openers, twists and hip opening flows, presented in seven routines of various lengths.  This DVD will challenge, inspire and deepen your yoga practice. Though the routines offer significant cross-training benefits for surfers and athletes, the practices will help everyone from those who surf the Internet, to those who ride ocean waves.

Click Here to download the Power Yoga for Happiness 2 E-booklet 

Power Yoga for Happiness

"Happiness- that luminous and joyous state of rapture is our natural state." Eoin Finn

Yoga for Strength, Yoga for Flexibility. Yoga to become the Perfect Meditator. These are all worthwhile goals, but somehow they all seem to involve a struggle for things that are always in the future. But happiness is with us all the time, underlying all we do and Blissology's Power Yoga for Happiness is a celebration of this fact!

Whether you are a beginner to Yoga or a seasoned practitioner, practice at a level that is suited to you. Each routine showcases the yogis demonstrating different options for every pose. Whether you have done yoga once or one thousand times, you will dramatically improve your fitness, increase flexibility, feel more vital and develop a deep-seated sense of calmness, poise and serenity. As with any yoga practice the emphasis is not so much on what you do, but how you do it. Have fun with this DVD. Let it make you feel your best. When you feel your best, it is so easy to give to others.

Pursuit of Happy Hips
"Flow on the black diamond, or the bunny hill. It's all good." Eoin Finn.

Shot against the majestic mountains of Whistler and the stunning beaches of Vancouver, BC, the location of the 2010 Winter Olympics, this Yoga DVD which stars world-class athletes and lululemon elite ambassadors, will be instrumental to both beginner and advanced yogis looking to unlock their full mind-body potential. With over four hours of Blissology flow style yoga designed by Eoin  to address the needs of athletes, the routines range in various lengths and intensity levels. You will be hard-pressed to find a more versatile DVD.

Eoin asked the athletes what their needs were when designing these Yoga sequences. He came up with hip-opening, core-strengthening, shoulder-opening, twisting, backbends (front-body stretches); breathing and centering practices. Some routines are physically challenging while some are about chilling out and restoring balance.
Click Here to download the Pursuit of Happy Hips E-booklet

Pure and Simple Yoga for Stiffies
Why should we miss out on this practice that makes us feel so good, physically, emotionally and mentally? Confront the common reasons why we skip our yoga and cast off all those excuses, when you join Eoin in this Pure and Simple yoga flow. Enjoy an intelligent, moderately paced sequence of poses, emphasizing breath, alignment and fluidity. Spectacular scenery from Baja, Mexico and Vancouver, BC completes the picture. Click Here to download the Pure and Simple Yoga for Stiffies E-booklet
"This practice is challenging, yet accessible to all levels of yogis." 

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Spanish Banks where the sky, ocean and mountains meet in Vancouver, BC., this live vinyasa class is food for your body, mind and soul.  Physically, you will burn calories, create lean muscle tone and become more flexible in this no-impact workout. As you transition gracefully from pose to pose, the beautiful setting and the soothing musical score help you to move towards a calm, still and centered place, which is the essence of yoga practice.
This video is a must for all levels of yogis. Beginners: You don't have to be a contortionist to enjoy yoga. The dialogue provides lots of modifications for you. Just listen to your body and work at your own level. Intermediate and Advanced Yogis: Keep the energy flowing and enjoy! The ultimate goal of course is to provide a nurturing environment that will contribute to your experience of bliss and joy in all aspects of your life. Wahoo!